Sueno Hotel Belek Football Camp
Sueno Hotels are providing high-quality and professional facilities in various sports branches. There are  4 football fields and 2 resorts (Sueno Hotels Deluxe Belek and Sueno Hoels Golf Belek) in Belek. 2 of the football field is 105m x 70m professional size and 2 of them 20m x 70m training fields. There is 1 tribune, 2 team rooms, 1 refree room, 1 press room, a lobby and a cafe inside complex. 

Sueno Hotels host several national and foreign professional football teams especially during winter seasonç It is a frequent destination of football teams and football fans in long years of experience.

Field Size: 105 x 70 // 20 x 70
Number Of Fields: 4
Field Distance: (Distance between hotel and field) : Inside the facility
Tribune : 1 unit
Lighting: Yes
Locker / Changing Rooms: Yes
Massage Rooms: Yes