Kemer Antalya's Shining Tourism Pearl
Kemer is a district located 40 kilometres from Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast. Kemer, which was a small village until the early 1980s, has become one of the most important centres of Turkish tourism with the facilities opened in the last 20 years. Kemer, which was transformed from a village to a town and then to a district on 13 September 1991, is a tourism paradise at the foothills of the Western Taurus Mountains and stretching along 52 kilometres of coastline.

Where Kemer is located today, there was a settlement known as "Old Village" in the 1910s, which was formed by lakes and swamps as a result of floods coming from the mountains. The people of the Old Village built a 23 kilometre long stone wall to protect themselves from the floods coming from the mountains and named their village "Kemer" because of this wall.

Natural Beauties and Attractiveness
One of the biggest attractions of Kemer is its natural beauties. Sea, forest and mountains merge at one point here. The clarity of the sea, the greenery of the forest and the sea waves reaching up to the pine trees and the use of pine trees as shade on the beaches make Kemer unique. The entire coast from Beldibi to Tekirova is completely covered with natural beaches. There are many bays and small natural harbours on the indented and protruding coasts.

Beaches and Sea
There are many beaches in the centre of Kemer such as Belediye Beach and Ayışığı Beach next to the marina. It is also possible to swim easily at Phaselis beach, where the ancient city still stands and is a national park. The pools and beaches of the accommodation facilities can also be used for a fee.

Historical Places and Activities
It is possible to easily reach the ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis from Kemer. These ancient cities offer visitors an experience intertwined with history and nature. In recent years, safari tours to high places such as Söğüt Cuması, Altınyaka and Dereköy have also attracted a lot of attention. These tours offer visitors the opportunity to discover the natural beauties and panoramic views of Kemer.

Accommodation and Tourism
Kemer offers a wide range of accommodation options from luxury hotels to boutique accommodation options. The all-inclusive concepts offered by the hotels are designed to meet all the needs of holidaymakers. Kemer's natural beaches, crystal clear sea and the structure intertwined with the forest offer visitors a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.

Kemer is one of the shining tourism pearls of Antalya with its natural beauties, historical richness and modern tourism opportunities. This unique destination where sea, forest and mountains meet is an ideal place for holidaymakers to accumulate unforgettable memories. Kemer is waiting for its visitors with its increasing tourism potential and various activities it offers every year.