Side Meeting Point of Historical and Cultural Riches
Side takes its name from the word meaning "pomegranate" in Anatolian language. This name also shows itself in the inscriptions showing that the history of the region dates back to the Hittites. Side, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, is estimated to have been founded before the 7th century BC. During these periods, Side went through similar stages with other Pamphylia cities. The Greeks came to Side during the migrations in the 7th century BC and spoke a unique language belonging to the Indo-European language family, which was not completely deciphered until the 3rd century BC.

Side Ancient Theatre: An Architectural Masterpiece
The Side Ancient Theatre, located in the Side region of Antalya, is located in a section where the peninsula where the city is located narrows. Although the building reflects the Hellenistic tradition in terms of plan in a semicircular form, it has the characteristics of Roman architecture in terms of construction technique. The stage building of the theatre (Scaenae Frons) consists of three floors and the seating rows (Cavea) are leaning against a slope up to the road in the middle of the steps called diazoma. The upper part is placed on steps with vaults and trapezoid (inclined) vaults. With these features, the Side Ancient Theatre is considered to be one of the most unique structures in the region.

Architectural and Artistic Features
Side Ancient Theatre has baroque features of the Antonine Period in its decorations. This building, which has architectural traces starting with the Pompeius Theatre in Rome, attracts attention with its detailed decorations and sculptures. There is a Dionysus frieze on the podium on the first floor of the theatre. In this frieze, the life of Dionysus, the god of wine and the ruler of the theatre, is described chronologically from west to east and ends with Gigantomakhia at the eastern end. The façade of the stage building is also enriched with architectural ornaments and sculptures.

Importance and Touristic Value of Side
Side has been home to many civilisations throughout history and has carried this rich cultural heritage to the present day. With its ancient theatre, Roman baths, temples and agora, Side is like an open-air museum where historical and cultural values are blended. This ancient city welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. While wandering the narrow streets of Side, it is possible to take a journey into the depths of history.

Side, as one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, stands out with its historical and cultural richness. Especially Side Ancient Theatre is one of the most important structures of the region with its architectural and artistic features. Side, which has been home to many civilisations throughout history, offers a unique experience to its visitors by preserving its historical texture today. Visitors to Side can feel the magic of ancient times and enjoy discovering the rich heritage of this ancient city.